Fumio Matsumura Memorial Endowment

The Fumio Matsumura Annual Symposium Fund was established in memory of distinguished professor of environmental toxicology and entomology, Fumio Matsumura.  Known as "one of the grand masters of insect toxicology", Professor Matsumura was a member of the UC Davis faculty since 1987 until the time of death in December 2012.  This fund will support an annual symposium hosted by the Department of Environmental Toxicology. 

Marion Miller Memorial Endowment

The Marion Miller Memorial Fund is an endowment created to memorialize Dr. Miller and her commitment and dedication to students.  Miller, a native of Scotland and expert in men's reproductive health, joined the UC Davis faculty in 1986 and passed away in 2011. The fund will support graduate students in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group and undergraduates in Environmental Toxicology in alternating years.

Donald G. Crosby Fellowship

This fellowship was established by the late Dr. Charles (Charlie) J. Soderquist in honor of his good friend and mentor, Donald G. Crosby.  Soderquist was a student of Crosby's in the 70's, when he graduated with a Ph.D. in Agricultural Chemistry; he passed away in March, 2004.  The fellowship is for graduate students in the area of environmental chemistry who have a distinguished academic record and show great promise. 

Donald G. Crosby Fellowship in Environmental Chemistry Namesake Honored, June 6, 2013 http://gradstudies.ucdavis.edu/publications/news/crosbyfellowship.html

Donald G. Crosby Endowed Chair in Environmental Chemistry

The Donald G. Crosby Endowed Chair in Environmental Chemistry was established by a gift from the estate of Dr. Charles (Charlie) J. Soderquist in 2010.  The chair supports a faculty member within the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences whose research is in the field of environmental chemistry, with a broad focus on the challenges related to the source, environmental fate, or consequences in the environment of chemicals that affect living organisms.