Advising Information

Advising is always available for students.  The department provides advising for the major in a variety of different ways.  You can meet with either a peer advisor, major advisor, or a faculty advisor.

The Appointment System
To make an appointment with our Major Advisor to discuss the ETX major or the CA&ES Dean's Office to discuss General Education requirements, you can register for appointment times using the Appointment System tool  at If you don't see times that work for you, email your major advisor at

Peer Advisor Drop-In Hours
Our Peer Advisors are ETX majors, usually in their third or four year at UC Davis. They can suggest classes and help you create a study plan for the courses you will be taking. They are happy to share insights they have gained from their studies at Davis as well as provide recommendations for other challenges you may encounter.

Faculty Advisors
Faculty advisors are here to help you discuss what your area of focus will be or your Emphasis. Your Emphasis is reflected by the Restrictive Elective Courses you choose to take. You can discuss your career interests with faculty advisors, ask about research or recommendations to best prepare for the career that interests you.  The ETX Major is a versatile, and we want to make sure you are equipped with what you need to succeed.

Health Professions Advising
The ETX major provides an excellent foundation for admission to health profession schools. If you are interested in going to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school or any other health profession program, we recommend that you meet with Health Professions Advising (HPA). We can help you with your major requirements, but HPA can better help you meet the requirements you will need to apply to a health professions program. We recommend that you meet with us first to create your study plan, then meet with HPA. The good news is that oftentimes professional schools require classes that you can use for your Restricted Electives and Emphasis.

Schedule Builder and Class Search Tool  
Schedule Builder is the tool you will use to register for classes. Our Environmental Toxicology courses are typically offered once a year, so make sure they are available before you plan your quarter. You can type the course you want to take in the search bar, and if it is offered, sections with varying times will display.

Transfer and articulation system for California’s Public Colleges and Universities
If you are a transfer student this tool will help you determine what classes from your college are transferable and the equivalent class here at UC Davis. If you have any questions about what classes you have left to take, please do not hesitate to meet with the major advisor or peer advisors.