Major Information

ETX Major Brochure
Welcome to our major! We are one of the top universities in the nation for environmental toxicology. Look through our brochure to learn a little more about the environmental toxicology major.

ETX Undergraduate Handbook
Our undergraduate handbook will be your go to guide. It contains a list of pre-approved restrictive elective courses for your emphasis, career choices, major requirements, and describes the life of a toxicology student here at UC Davis. 

ETX Courses
Here is list of environmental toxicology courses offered. Check out our major requirements to learn which environmental toxicology courses you will need to complete the major. 

ETX Major Requirement Check List
The Requirement Check List is helpful for course scheduling because it reviews completed and uncompleted courses required for your major.  Every student is provided a faculty advisor to assist them with their Emphases and Restrictive Elective Course choices. Your faculty advisor will sign the form to approve your restrictive electives. You’ll learn more about this when you meet with your major advisor.

First Quarter Academic Plan Recommendations
We know that your first quarter here can be challenging, so we have created sample first quarter plans as suggestions for you. Feel free to use these directly or to help you decide what you would like your first quarter at Davis to look like.

ETX Sample Study Plans
Now that you know what courses we have and what courses you need, it is time to create a study plan for your academic career at UC Davis. These sample study plans are intended as a guide for you in designing your own plan. You can also follow the sample and adjust as you go.  

Academic Plan Worksheet

Sample Completed Academic Plan Worksheet