Advising Information

The Environmental Toxicology Department has a three-tiered advising system that involves the Staff Advising Associate, Faculty Advisors, and Student Peer Advisors.

1. Meet with Student Peer Advisors. ETOX Peer Advisors are fellow students who are also trained as advisors. They can help with intake advising and initial development of study plans as well as for the completion of basic petitions and forms. Peer advisors also provide information regarding current internship and job listings, and ETX Club events and activities. You can make an appointment with a peer advisor at or email questions to

2. Meet with the Staff Advising Associate, Erica Cefalo, to review and approve academic plans; follow-up with visits to Erica Cefalo at least once/year (and as needed) for any academic and administrative assistance (e.g., academic difficulty, petitions, grades, CRN#s and PTA#s, information regarding University, College and ETX major/minor requirements and policy, questions regarding course articulation, transfer credit, and course equivalency, and graduation certifications during senior year. Erica Cefalo will assign a Faculty Adviser based on your interests and the workload of individual faculty.

Undergraduate Student Advisor
Erica Cefalo
Contact:; (530) 754-9796

Erica Cefalo's Advising Hours (by remote appointment via email)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

3. Meet with your Faculty Advisor at least once a year. Faculty advisors provide in-depth information on particular areas of study. They assist students in selecting an area of emphasis, and they review and approve your Restricted Elective courses (12-16 units). Faculty advisors also discuss internship and career possibilities for students and in general act as a mentor for the student.

Further Advising Resources for Current Students

  • Consult the General Catalog or contact the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean’s Office to review your General Education and English composition requirements.
  • Consult the current Class Schedule and Registration Guide or contact the Registrar’s Office, for:
    • Schedule of Classes
    • Registration of Classes
    • Fees
    • Last days to add and drop, opt for pass/no pass grading, unit changes for variable unit courses
  • Forms & Petitions
    • Most Forms & Petitions can be found on OASIS
  • Academic Plan 
  • Cancellation / Withdrawal 
  • Change of Major / Multiple Major Petition 
  • Diploma Mailing Address Correction
  • Excess Unit Petition 
  • Extension for "I" grade Petition 
  • GE / College English Composition Petition 
  • General College Petition 
  • Late Drop or Pass/Not Pass Grading 
  • Legal Sex Marker Change 
  • Multiple Repeat of a Course 
  • Minor Declaration 
  • Readmission Application
  • Senior Residency Waiver