UC Davis is one of the top public research universities, allowing undergraduate students to receive hands-on research experience. Students majoring in environmental toxicology have the opportunity to explore many different areas of the major through research, including the toxicity, chemistry, environmental fate, and environmental stress of toxicants and pollutants.

What to look forward to?

  • Develop technical skills outside the classroom 
  • Gain work experience in research and in lab setting
  • Network with graduate students, postdocs, and professors
  • Present your research at the Undergraduate Research Conference at UC Davis
  • Explore your love for science!

When to look?

  • Any time! Research and lab experience can be gained as early as your freshman year as long as you have the motivation, determination, and passion.
  • Some labs may require completed coursework in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental toxicology, etc. but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Where to look?

  • Network! Ask professors in the major, classmates, teaching assistants, and instructors of courses either in person, in office hours, or through email.
  • Look at the weekly ETX Newsletter (email and website) for job and internship listings!
  • Search summer research programs and opportunities at other universities
  • Reach out to departments and graduate programs outside of Environmental Toxicology: